# Xdebug Analyzer PRO

Category Severity Time To Fix
🚀 Performance ⚠️ Critical 5 minutes

Class: Enlightn\EnlightnPro\Analyzers\Performance\XdebugAnalyzer

# Introduction

This analyzer ensures that your application does not have the Xdebug extension loaded in a non-local environment (e.g. production or staging).

If you have Xdebug loaded in a production environment:

  • It will significantly impact your performance. The Xdebug engine attaches to your PHP process and receives messages to stop at breakpoints.
  • It can cause security issues as Xdebug tends to open ports on the server, which may be exposed to potential attackers depending on your firewall configuration.

# How To Fix

Simply uninstall Xdebug on your production or staging servers. You may refer the Xdebug documentation (opens new window) on how to do so.

# Skip Condition

This analyzer is skipped for local or testing environments.

# References