# Support

# Support Policy

All software is supported until the end-of-life term for the underlying Laravel version. For instance, the Enlightn Pro 1.0+ series software supports Laravel 6 to 11. However, since Laravel 6 security fixes were valid until September 2022, the Enlightn Pro 1.0+ license series will not provide any updates or security fixes for Laravel 6 but updates will be provided for the versions that Laravel currently supports.

# Enlightn OSS

For Enlightn OSS (open source version), please submit bug reports or feature requests to the issue tracker (opens new window). Since Enlightn OSS is free and open source, we hold no liability and there is no obligation to support. We will provide support on a best effort basis.

If you include clear and concise bug reports, they will be easier to attend to and faster to resolve. We also welcome pull requests for bug fixes or new features.

# Enlightn Pro

For Enlightn Pro customers, you may submit bug reports of feature requests using:

  1. The issue tracker (opens new window) on the Enlightn Github repository. You may use the Enlightn repository to submit bug reports or feature requests for Enlightn Pro as well. Just tag the issue with the pro label.
  2. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed urgently, you may email us at support@laravel-enlightn.com.

# Consulting

We are open for consulting projects if you wish to boost your Laravel application's performance or security. We are selective in the kinds of projects we accept. Shoot us an email at sales@laravel-enlightn.com to explore such opportunities.