# Redis Throttling Analyzer PRO

Category Severity Time To Fix
🚀 Performance Minor 5 minutes

Class: Enlightn\EnlightnPro\Analyzers\Performance\RedisThrottlingAnalyzer

# Introduction

This analyzer detects if you are using Redis in your application and also using the ThrottleRequests request middleware.

If you are using Redis, it is recommended to use the ThrottleRequestsWithRedis middleware instead of the ThrottleRequests middleware because of the following reasons:

  1. The Redis specific middleware is atomic. This means that the counter is more accurate for high frequency hits than the ThrottleRequests middleware, which is not atomic.
  2. The performance of the Redis specific middleware is better due to only 1 Redis operation over the network versus 5 Redis commands invoked over the network with the ThrottleRequests middleware.

# References