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Enlightn scans your code to provide you with actionable recommendations on improving its performance, security & more.

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Performance Checks
Security Checks
Reliability Checks
Total Checks
Query Optimizations
Performance Tuning
Bloat Detection
N+1 Query Detection
Database Injection Attacks
Dead Routes & Dead Code
Sensitive Data Exposure
Insecure Deserialization
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Security Misconfiguration
Dependencies With Known Vulnerabilities
Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Directory Traversal and File Uploads
Code Reliability

Boost your app's performance and security

We'll perform over 100 checks against your application for common issues, and provide actionable feedback for fixing them. Here are some of the things we can take care of.

Use Enlightn for free, or upgrade for extra checks

Get started with our open-source Enlightn package, or upgrade to Enlightn Pro to get double the advice.

Open Source
An opportunity for you to take Enlightn for a test drive.
Includes access to Enlightn OSS, with 61 checks, plus support via GitHub Issues.
Laravel versions 6 through 8 are supported.
Best Choice
$ 99 /project
For solo Developers with yearly revenue < $50k.
Includes access to Enlightn Pro, with 122 checks, plus support via email and GitHub Issues.
Laravel versions 6 through 8 are supported.
Business & Teams
$ 199 /project
No limits on team members or project revenue/size.
Includes access to Enlightn Pro, with 122 checks, plus priority support via email and GitHub Issues.
Laravel versions 6 through 8 are supported.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will the free version remain free forever?

    Yes! Currently, the only limitation is the number of checks. The Github open source version has 61 checks today, whereas the Pro version has 122 checks. We will however, continue to show our โค and support for the free version forever, and would even likely add more checks going forward!

  • What's the difference between Enlightn open-source and Pro?

    Currently, the difference is that the OSS version has 61 checks and the Pro version has 122 checks. Check out the docs to know which additional checks are supported on the Pro version. In future releases, we may introduce a web UI for the Pro version as well.

  • Is Enlightn meant for dev environments only?

    Unlike other packages, Enlightn does not have any overhead on your application. It does not record queries or log anything or even boot any services. So, it can be safely installed on both dev and production environments.

    In fact, it is recommended to run Enlightn on production as well because it doesn't only scan your code but also checks things such as web server or service configurations.

  • How does Enlightn compare to Symfony Insights?

    Symfony Insights was built for Symfony and not Laravel projects. Enlightn was built specifically with Laravel in mind.

    In terms of scope, we like to believe that Enlightn has a much broader scope than Symfony Insights because it's not just a static analysis tool but much beyond that. An example is that Symfony Insights does not contain any performance checks.

  • How can I support Enlightn?

    You can support us in many ways. The best way is to grab a Pro license, and get double the value Enlightn open-source provides. Besides that, you can submit PRs to Enlightn OSS by adding/improving checks, and spread the word to let us help more people. Thanks! โค

  • How is Enlightn different from a static analysis tool?

    While some of our checks are powered by static analysis, Enlightn does so much more. We provide dynamic analysis out of the box, with checks that hit your routes and check your server configuration.

  • Are you open to PRs for the open-source version of Enlightn?

    Absolutely! As long as you are not PR'ing functionality from the paid version, we will gladly take a look and merge your contributions!

  • Can I get a refund?

    Absolutely! If you aren't satisfied with our product, you can email us at within 14 days of your purchase to request for a refund.

  • Can I integrate Enlightn with my CI/CD platform?

    Yes, Enlightn has in-built support to integrate with CI/CD pipelines. Refer the documentation to learn more.

  • Can I get a bulk discount on purchasing multiple Enlightn Pro licenses?

    Sure, shoot us an email at and we'll discuss your pricing.

  • Can I ship a copy of Enlightn in my own product?

    The open-source version of Enlightn can be bundled, without issues. For Enlightn Pro, however, we do not allow any kinds of redistribution of the source. If you wish to distribute your application code, you will need to make sure you aren't shipping Enlightn Pro's source code along with it, whether publicly or privately. You may review our license agreement for more details.

  • What is the LGPLv3 license? Can I use the open-source version of Enlightn for commercial software?

    Yes, you can use Enlightn open-source for commercial or open-source software! The only gotcha is that if you make modifications to the Enlightn source code, you must distribute your modifications. If you don't touch the Enlightn source code and just use it as a dependency, you can use it however you'd like. We chose LGPL over MIT so that improvements to the checks, when made by others, are available to everyone else and can be added to the package.

    Enlightn Pro is covered under a commercial license instead of the LGPLv3 license. Needless to say, Enlightn Pro can also be used for OSS or commercial software with the additional benefit that you can also make modifications to the source code if you like, without having to distribute the modifications. Check out the Enlightn Pro license agreement here.

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